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who we are

eatcarpet radio, was created as a audible social network center for artists.

eatcarpet radio, is the place to be for unsigned and underground musicians and artists.  We are a bit of a special radio station in that we are always willing to give back, find us something and we will hopefully find you something. We are all about the love of music and art!

We play new and unsigned artist to support them on their wat to becoming established, giving them assistance through graphic design, contacts and of course the abilaty to be heard in different around the world. We are a collective devoted to the growth of positive music, art and culture.

In no way will we ever charge artists for submitting music or art to the programs, or charge you to listen.  We are here for the community.   We do however always require help so if you would like to join us or help in anyway please contact us through our Facebook page any time with your suggestions.

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program schedule

Programming beginning at 9pm, Japan time.

Programming beginning at 10pm, Japan time.

Programming beginning at 10pm, Japan time.

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as artists we are all inspired by the world around us. We take what we perceive and transform it into a material substance giving it life. It drives us to create, to perform; We shout, scream, and sing hoping to reach others like us and change the views of those who are not...

If you like the music that we play on eatcarpet, please concider buying a CD from the artist. It not gives you the music to listen to where and whenever you like but it also supports the artist to make more great music...

Because this is an artist community, eatcarpet does not take any commisions if you buy any of the works we feature. We will help you get in touch with the artist directly.

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submitting your work

artists: if you are interested in having your work played on eatcarpet, please read the following Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit as much as you want.
  • Make sure you include a short biography.
  • If featured, Artists are required to help with promotion of their work on facebook.
  • Full artist name and your tracks are properly ID3 Tagged.
  • Photographs, videos or other matetials should be properly formated to fit the design theme of our site.

Artist's submissions should be sent to us through messages on facebook: eatcarpet radio

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volunteers and staff

This entire show is being put on by volunteers! Without these folks contributing their time, none of this would be possible! A special thanks to our volunteer coordinators, all working hard behind the scenes!

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We'd like to give huge thanks to our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible!

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support & donations

We'd like to give huge thanks to our sponsors, without whom events and this broadcast would not be possible!

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eatcarpet radio presents

For Immediate Release:

.: eatcarpet radio:.

Director's Statement

eatcarpet is an independent radio station, ran by a very small team.   We are always looking for people who are able to commit to the station.  Some ideas of what we could do with are:

Content Editors – Writing music news, reviews, and general updates around the site

DJ’s – We are always looking for new and interesting DJ talent.  If you would like to DJ for us, send us a message with a link to a sample show hosted on Soundcloud, Dropbox or other such site and we will have a listen.  Let us know what times you can commit to and we will see if you are suitable. Shows must include some speech and music, a show could be a talk show, reviews, or live DJ’ing.

Podcasts – If you cant commit to a live show, but fancy doing a weekly podcast we can always find space for that too.  Podcasts cannot be just DJ sets with no speech as they will always be aired pre / post show.

Web designers - We currently have one internet ninja, sadly though his ninja like reflexes are being stretched too far and he is finding it difficult to keep up to date with everything.  If you know PHP, MySQL, and have developed for smartphones we would love to hear from you. Basically any help would be great.

Music Submissions – If you have, or know anyone who has some new unsigned music get it sent over to us.   Make sure you include a short biography, full artist name and your tracks are properly ID3 Tagged.

Spread the Word – We already reach a fair few people around the world, but it is always nice to get the word out further. Spread the word, join in on Facebook and Twitter and be innvolved in the arts revolution.

Thank you all for your support of this show. We hope to make it a great, safe, and wonderful time for all involved!


Barry Ashworth, Director eatcarpet

.: eatcarpet radio presents :.

Scott R. White


About the artist

Scott R. White(aka endote) is an English musician, born in Kent, England. Outside of working on his own musical projects, he is the co-founder of the international arts community, mohde.

Fascinated by capturing natural sound via digital methods, WhiteÅfs musical inspirations stem equally from his musical background in various metal and hardcore bands as well as his passion for classical, dance, and experimental music. He creates his sound using a range of instruments, which are then processed and blended with field recordings and subtle effects.

To date, his music has featured on various compilation releases such as ÅgHope For Japan", a Post-Rock/Ambient music compilation aimed towards fund raising for Japan, and Ågsequence 3" on the Future Sequence label. In addition, he has released two solo efforts; ÅgBottling Cities" on heat death records in 2010 and a self released, hand-made EP limited to a run of 50 in 2012.

After spending a year in Tokyo, he has now returned to England and is currently residing in Sheffield where he continues to write and prepare for future performances and projects.

We hopr you enjoy his work,